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Ventura BI

Ventura BI is a solutions suite which automates Business Intelligence models, consisting of a Control Panel that allows you to monitor the activity and progress of the organization through visual gauges and a high standard dynamic display view for quantitative and graphical analyses.

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Ventura Manager

Manager is a software powerhouse that assists in the ongoing control and flow of documentation, rooted in ISO standards and keeping in line with the standard operations of an organization. It is an information system whose main objective is to track, manage and store.



Human resources management and appropriate remuneration is key to the success of any business. Today’s competitive environment requires a tool that continuously adapts to the idiosyncrasies of each organization with flexible payroll payment options.


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Our company focuses its efforts on providing flexible products and services with state-of-the-art technology. We begin with proven experts with diverse areas of knowledge, able to adapt to the needs of each project with competitive rates and quality results. We pride ourselves in finding the right IT strategy that aligns with each customer's business.

ODM Developers Group is a Costa Rican company with more than 25 years of experience in customized technology solutions. Our clear values ​​and experience drive us forward and distinguish us, and our customers feel

  • Adjust your labor to work for you. Select the winning team from among our locally sourced, qualified professionals

  • Estado de cuenta ? Nos puede manejar . Tenemos la capacidad y los recursos para montar equipos enteros que hacer frente a sus necesidades de proyectos .

  • Del región, poner en común los candidatos con talento , más eficaces para ofrecer un equipo técnico de asistencia a su alcance.

  • Soluciones a la medida transformar la innovación y maximizar el valor a través de la inclusión de productos de gran alcance en los procesos internos .



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" Las personas son nuestro activo más importante "

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US Director

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Project Manager

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Solutions Architect

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Office Manager

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BI Specialist

MDG debuta en los EE.UU.

Con lo que los valores de Costa Rica , la innovación y experiencia local para su organización .