April 13, 2016

About us

Sprint Ahead. The MDG Advantage.

MDG Developers Group is a Costa Rican company with over 25 years of experience in custom tech solutions.
Our values and experience drive us forward and set us apart, and our clients feel the difference.

Since the 1940’s, Costa Rica has been developing into the tech powerhouse that it is today, thanks to the advent of IT giants who saw the potential in a country with the insight to invest in education, innovation, and sustainability.

The company is positioned to provide powerful services without the need to cross oceans or major time zones, allowing you to sprint ahead at full speed.

Innovation has been a constant in the history of the company, with the fixed aim of delivering fully customized products that are cutting edge and adapt to an evolving market.

Our Mission

Develop innovative solutions that guarantee a competitive edge and rising value, in a constantly evolving market.

Our Vision

To be the most efficient provider of advanced technology solutions, recognized for excellence and quality.